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Teardrop trailer construction

Material used vary by individual trailer design. The most common trailer design is sides and roof skinned in aluminum with a birch interior. Another option is an aluminum roof with wooden sides. We can also use stainless steel or copper for the roof and sides. The aluminum can be painted to match your car. We can even provide custom painting to match a classic show car complete with airbrushing and flames if needed. The interior can be made with your choice of hardwood finishes.

    No matter what exterior or interior material you choose the basic construction remains the same. We start all teardrops with a custom made light weight trailer frame. The frame can be powder coated or painted. The axle we prefer to use for most trailers is a torsion style axle rated at approximately 1,000 pounds. The half ton rating is lighter than what most teardrop trailers are built on. Most camp trailers use a 2,500 pound axle which is too stiff to provide a smooth ride on lightweight camper. This can cause the trailers to be very bouncy and that makes it tough on your belongings as well as the trailer itself. The light weight torsion axle provides a smoother ride provides independent suspension.

     The floor or base layer is 3/4" birch plywood that is epoxy sealed. 9 ply 1/2" birch plywood is used for the wall struts. Open areas in the wall structure are foam filled to provide maximum insulation. All joints are half lapped where any joint in one layer on 1/2" is met with a non jointed strut from the other 1/2" 9 ply birch. This provides a very solid but light weight structure that works perfectly for our camping trailers.

Square steel frame with epoxy coated 3/4" plywood floor

9 ply birch plywood struts with inner maple skin installed
front cabinet frame and rear cabinet mock up in place
Note foam insulation installed in two cavities

After the foam is installed and wiring is done the surface is covered with the outside skin. The door and windows are cut out and trimmed. Cabinetry is installed and the interior is finished off. Work begins on the galley and hatch. The galley can be simple with just a place for a cooler and a camp stove. Some cabinets or shelving can finish off the basic galley. You can also go full out with a refrigerator, sink and microwave. Likewise the interior can be simple shelving or a full array of cabinets including a space for a DVD player and TV along with a stereo system.

Aluminum skin in place and galley struts formed

Clasic teardrop shaped trailer with a hot rod flair
From the smoothie wheels to the billet taillight brackets

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